Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Thanks to our stringent Master Crafted building method and foam insulation, our spas have energy efficiency built in so they’re easy to own and easy to enjoy.

Here’s how it works: When we apply the foam insulation system, it expands to 100 times its initial volume in seconds to insulate and air-seal the hot tub. The resulting blanket of soft foam insulation forms a continuous thermal barrier that eliminates cold spots and significantly reduces energy costs. A consistent, comfortable temperature is maintained inside the hot tub, while cold air is kept outside; preventing condensation, mold and mildew. Unlike urethane foam-based systems, which lose half their R value in as little as 2 years, this foam maintains its insulation value for the life of your Legacy Whirlpool.

Every Legacy Whirlpool hot tub is built to not only meet but exceed any stringent energy efficiency regulations. All resulting in what really matters – a superior energy-efficient hot tub and savings for you and your monthly utility bill.