EcoPur® Water Filtration

EcoPur® water filter system is designed to reduce the use of chemicals in your spa. You will still be required, periodically, based on usage to add a small amount of chlorine to oxidize organic compounds in the water. The EcoPur® filter system will not eliminate the need to maintain proper water chemistry, i.e. pH and free chlorine levels, but can make the maintenance a more natural experience.

EcoPur® Features

  • Releases Santizing Copper and Zinc Oxides
  • Reduces Water Soluable Heavy Metals
  • Helps Control Bacteria and Algae
  • Helps remove calcium carbonate and hydrogen sulphide from spa water to protect heaters and equipment from precipitation
  • Helps stabilize the pH and alkalinity of the spa water
  • Helps reduce chemical usage and still provide safe odor-free water.
  • Helps deplete excess chlorine after chemical shock to prevent damage to skin, hair, and swim wear
  • Helps to produce ultra clean and clear water

EcoPur® filters are not recommended for use with Bromine. Consult your Master Spas dealer for additional information.

Master Spas products are not designed to be used with Biquanides. These chemicals are found in SoftSwim® and Baqua Spa® products. Due to adverse effects from these types of sanitizers, the use of these products may void the spa warranty.